Our Story

Started with a vision to reinvent Indian clothing for the modern Indian women, we present to you Pink Fort - a beautiful blend of two contrasts creating something unique & fresh.

At Pink Fort, we celebrate the blend of modernity & heritage with a symphony of prints, colours, designs, and fabrics. With all these layers coming together into one unrivalled essence, we constantly strive to bring fresh silhouettes and ensembles for the new-age woman. 

For us, Pink Fort is:
Modern + Heritage
Contemporary + Traditional
Vibrant + Subtle
New age + Vintage
Flowy + Structured
Evolving + Rooted
Occasion + Everyday

We started the brand under the name ‘Marigold’ with a similar vision, and we feel with ‘Pink Fort’ we are able to fully capture its essence. We continue to maintain a balance, while preserving an experimental approach through our creations.

Product Philosophy

A Pink Fort is everything that makes our days happier and brighter. And that is what we are all about.

Fresh and Contemporary: Inspired by cultural and natural elements across the globe, our designs are contemporary and we combine colour, fabric, and silhouette in a way that, like a Pink Fort, will evoke a feeling of freshness in you.

Fluid and Flowy: The silhouette of our garments are flowy and the drape will fall beautifully on your body. It will make you feel free and relaxed, as you transition from one role to another, throughout the day.

Comfortable and Breathable: All our garments are made from breathable fabrics and have silhouettes that will keep you comfortable, easy and relaxed, even when you are on the go.